Solai Raj from Kulathur near Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi district working in the same area of a woman named Jothi from Pallakulam. Solai Raj and Jyoti have started dating last year, and their love developed and their affair has been revealed to the couple’s home.

Although both of them belongs to the same community and belong to different groups, there is opposition in the woman’s family for their love. Solai Raj and Jyoti have been married before three months.

Solai Raj’s family has embraced the young couple and are looking for a rented house near their home. Solairaj and Jyotimani did not get out of the house so early this morning. There, they were shocked to find the corpse in a bloodstream with heavy cuttings and informed the Kulathur police.

Police rushed to the scene and recovered the bodies of the two men and sent them to the Tuticorin Government Hospital for anatomy. Solai Raj’s family has protested for some time due to the protests. Solai Raj’s relatives came to peace after a police talk. Further investigations into the murder are being investigated from the angle of the murder as the police have registered a case against the parents. The murder of a young couple has caused a stir in the area.

Meanwhile, Solairaj’s relatives and supporters of political parties staged a protest in front of the Thoothukudi government hospital, demanding immediate arrest of the culprits. The police are negotiating with them.