When the whole world expects of Narendra Modi’s swearing ceremony on 30th May 2019. People of Tamilnadu entertaining themselves on a funnier side. After JCB memes its Nesamani who took the internet. It all begins from a facebook page posted a picture of a Hammer and asked its followers how it is called in your country. A Young man from the State of Tamilnadu made comment ” This is what we call Suthiyal. It will give tung tung sound when we blow with it on something. Painting contractor Nesamani’ head was broken in Jamin palace with this one by his nephew”

Tag #PrayforNesamani trends world wide in 2 place wi more than 110k tweets.

After his comment people started commenting for this comment ask question him for his health. Later people made a comment on Pray for Nesamani and later twitter erupts.

Who is Nesamani ?

Nesamani a Fictional character from Kollywood movie called “Friends”. The role was played comedian Vadivelu who was the meme Template in Tamilnadu. A Scene from the movie Friends was Nesamani(Vadivelu) along with his team of members which includes Actor Vijay, Actor Surya, and Ramesh Prabha moves to a palace for Painting work there actually Ramesh Prabha drops a hammer in Vadivelu( Nesamani’s ) head.

Here are some memes on Nesamani

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