A woman in strips in front of Policeman while her friend recording the situation. A viral video in social media came in three different sections. The girl in the video her name supposed to be Megha Sharma. She had a heated argument with security guards of the apartment and Police who came to protect her.

In a CCTV footage released the Megha Sharma slapped a security guard several times. Reason for the situation remains unknown. After hitting the guard Megha calls the police.

The second video was the Facebook live video which was posted by Megha Sharma. Shouting at police who came to protect her. Megha also made an argument with Police officers wants Megha to come to Police Station since no women officers came she refused to come and the argument heats up.

In Third video Model Megha Sharma strips to her inner and keeps on making an argument and wanted to use the lift but the lift was turned off by the guard.

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