Chennai, Chennai City Police found a part of human body in Pallikarani dumb yard in Chennai. Later they come to know that it was a female’s leg and hand these parts are marked with several tattoos. Cops made 1000’s of to figure out the mysterious body and posted near all dumb collection but couldn’t able to get a key to the mystery. Cops to match the DNA results from the postmortem with all possible DNA collection available but couldn’t make a success. Even CCTV footage collection also failed.

Later Cops matched all the missing complaints and finds out the missing parts of the body belongs to women named Sandhya from Tutucorin aged 35. Sandhaya husband owns a production company name “Sandhya Productions”. Have a several search cops could able to find the remaining parts near Adayar river fly over.


After the investigation with Sandhya’s husband there were several shocking news comes out from the case. Sandhaya and her husband Balakrishnan got divorced several years back. Balakrishanan lives in Jafarkhan pet and tries to communicate with Sandhya during 2019 Pongal. Sandhya and Balakrishana lived together for 4 in a same house. Balakrishanan behaviour turns out to be strange and Sandhya tries to leave with the heated argument Balakrishnan killed Sandhya. Using the cutting Balakrishnan cuts Sandhya’s body into several pieces without any evidence. Police couldn’t even able to find a drop of blood in Balakrishnan residence.

Still Head and Hands of Sandhya are missing. Balakrishnan took police custody and agreed that he killed his wife and cut into several pieces. Balakrishnan directed a movie called “Kadhal Illavasam”. Its been stated that due to 15 year age gap between the couple made seperation.

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