Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy stated that the largest veterinary park in Asia is to be held tomorrow in the Salem district near the Thalawasal compound road.

As a first step, the College of Veterinary Medicine is holding a groundbreaking ceremony, the Agricultural Festival. It houses various halls. I have come to Coimbatore to attend the event.

Following are the questions asked by the reporters and the answers provided by Palanisamy: –

Question: – Various irregularities have taken place in the Tamil Nadu Government Employee Terminal Is there a demand for an investigation?

Answer: – The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is an autonomous body. Investigations are currently underway into the alleged irregularities. The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is taking steps to take proper action against the wrongdoers.

Question: – Is the Government complicit in the irregularities at the Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal?

A: We know how complicit we are Digg As far as the state is concerned, the investigation should be honest and not interfered with. The agency is also investigating and arresting the culprits.

Question: – Will the DMK go against the Citizenship Amendment Act? Is the signature movement going on?

Answer: – That is their choice.

Question: – Have the Marxist Communist Partyers said that Minister Rajendra Balaji acts like a Hindutva organization? What is your opinion on the Minister of Forests Dindigul Srinivasan telling the student to take off his shoes?

Answer: – Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan is old. He is about 70 years old. He could not bend over the stick he was wearing. So he called the nearest boy and told him to take it. He made it clear and regretted it. And the boy is like my grandson. He said he had called for help. But they are exaggerating. Exaggerating the media and the press is really painful. Digg None of the ministers or administrators would be involved in such an act.
Similarly, I do not know what accusation Rajendra Balaji has. He is pious. I know that very well. He may have said his own opinion. Our Fisheries Minister Jayakumar has made it clear that it is not the AIADMK’s opinion.
There is no drought

Question: – Since summer is about to begin, what kind of measures are you going to tackle drought?

Answer: – The term drought is not this year. There is good rain around the Coimbatore areas. The water levels are all overflowing.

Question: – Will the General Elections for the Plus-I Class be canceled?

Answer: – How to determine the eligibility of the student if all the exams are canceled? Doing so creates a situation where students cannot work outside. Teachers, students, and parents can determine the eligibility of that student only by choice. The Minister of School Education has canceled the General Elections for Grades 5 and 8 at the request of parents.

Question: – Do political parties comment on suspension?

Answer: – No one has reported the statistics on suspension. It is not true to speak so. All measures are being taken by the government to avoid interruption