After the demises of Ex Chief Minister J Jayalalitha there were dramas flooded in ADMK from various side Chief Minister postings were keeps in shifting from J. Jayalalitha > O. Panneerselvam > Sasiakala (Arrested before gets charged) > Edappadi Palanichamy.

After the arrest of Sasikala. TTV Dhinakaran took in charge and started a New party AMMK and won the by election in Jayalalitha s constitution RK Nagar which was a unexpected. TTV gets support from 18 MLA out of 117. Spekar Dhanapal disqualified for submitting letters to Governor for changing Chief Minister. As per her high court 2 bench judge 18 MLA should be dismissed for Changing their party. 3 judged will announce his judgement today 25 October 2018.

If judgment dismisses 18 MLA s Ruling party ADMK will have 108/214. 107 is the number required. But by election for 2 constitution is need to be conducted if ADMK lose in 2 by election situation will be worse for ADMK and there may be possibility of dismissals only if any current MLA from 108 changes his mind. One MLA could change the entire state election. TTV Dhinakaran once announced that there are more Sleepercell MLA are still in ADMK they will come out and support him any time.

Judgment of the case may be expected to announced at 10.00Am

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