Union Minister Rajnath Singh has explained why Muslims are not included in the Civil Rights Amendment Bill.

Ministers-level talks between India and US take place tomorrow in Washington. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who had gone there, spoke at an event in New York for US Indians. He said: –
The Citizenship Amendment is not against Muslims. The law was meant to authorize Hindus who have been subject to religious persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
The reason for the non-inclusion of Muslims in the country is that the three countries mentioned above are Muslim countries. In those days of practicing Islam, Muslims are not religiously vulnerable. This is why Muslims are not included. Otherwise, we are not discriminated against by caste, race or religion.
Our culture does not teach us hate. We treat Muslims living in India as my brothers and family members. The situation in Assam and West Bengal is now under control. All the confusion involved will be resolved. If anyone proves that the Citizenship Amendment is against Muslims, we are ready to review it. But we will not allow the mere confusion in the matter.