The Ahmedabad court has ordered the Indian Embassy to file a report on the whereabouts of the women allegedly abducted by Nityananda.

Nithyananda’s case has been heating up in the courts of Gujarat and Karnataka, and he is making fresh comments in his daily session. The trial of Nithyananda’s former secretary, Janardhan Sharma, in which his daughter was produced in person, was held in the Gujarat court on Friday. Duttapriya and his sister Nithya Nandita appeared on the video.

They also filed affidavits from Barbados, one of the West Indies. They said they did not want to come to India and that they were in danger from their father Janardhan Sharma. They promised to be free and happy now. However, the judges have ordered that the duo should submit their affidavits by January 16 and visit the Indian Embassy in the country of origin.

The sisters, who filed affidavits from the US state of Virginia, have now filed affidavits from Barbados Island, one of the West Indies. Will they be present at the Indian Embassy by January 16? Or will they still only submit the affidavit?