Nithin Gadkari, Indian Road and Transport minister from BJP in a recent interview said that 2014 Lok Sabha election “we were confident that we could never come to power, so we were advised to make tall promises “. Gadkari also added that BJP won the election only because for the tall promises he also included that some of them were unrealistic.

A question asked by a journalist in a Marathi channel interview ” When will people of India expect to have 15lac in their accounts”. replying to question Gadkari answered that we were not sure to win the election if we didn’t win we don’t need to do that. Adding to the lines he added ” Now that we are in power, the public reminds us of those made by us. However, these days, we just laugh and move on”.

After the show aired Rahul Gandhi was the first person to react in Twitter as “He said, the public also thinks that the government has made People’s dreams and their faith a victim of their greed.”

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