India’s extraordinary soldier Kabir turns in to Rouge after an operation failure which made him lose his several team members. The movie made of two India’s handsome hunks Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Sharoff. The extraordinary Stunts sequence and CGI’s made the movie run with the flow. Movie was produced by Yash Raj Films. War holds the same energy of Dhoom series and Race series

War Movie Story :

Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) India’s super-soldier holds a small team and been trying to hunt for Mafia don Iliyasi. Khalid (Tiger Sharoof) who is also an Indian Soldier who eagerly wanted to join in Kabir’s team. Kabir was betrayed by Khalid and had to take several bullets in his body. Khalid’s father was marked as a Traitor in order to his mother proud Khalid wants to join the Khalid team.

Initially, Khalid refused to take Khalid in his team. After Khalid takes a bullet for Kabir in operation, Kabir impressed and takes him part of his team. In Operation to turn down Ilyasi in Malta, Saurabh a team member in the Kabir team turns into a Traitor and kills all team members. Khalid and Kabir survive.

After the Operation Kabir leaves the Indian Army and turns in to Rouge Assasin. He kills 3 people who were helping Iliyasi. Khalid appointed to hunt down Kabir. But Kabir couldn’t Be Stopped. Will Khalid stops Kabir and the ultimate twist in the climax made the fans nail-biting interest in the movie.

“When the Pawn reaches the last line it turns in to whatever it wants to be ” – Khalid

Tiger made his regular stunning action sequence which makes the movie overall exciting and stunning. The movie also made to have a sequel. War a quintessential entertainer, War serves up a little bit of everything in its narrative — action, drama, music, romance, exotic locations, and car chases. The screenplay makes room for every commercial movie element.