The Election Commission of India is satisfied with the move by the Election Commission for the local body polls.

Voting for rural local bodies in Tamil Nadu takes place on January 2. The state election commission has taken no action despite complaints that the ruling party has been abusing it during the election.

It is the duty of the State Election Commission to keep the ballot boxes secure and to conduct honest and fair ballots.

When the votes for the four posts are placed in the same box as a Panchayat Member, Panchayat Chief, Panchayat Union Member and District Panchayat member, the Election Commission should be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that there are no irregularities.

The police must be ordered to provide adequate security to the centers where the ballot boxes will be placed until the ballot count is completed. The surveillance camera must monitor all procedures, such as ballot counting and security, and record video of each ballot.

It was stated as such.

Similarly, many people, including Geeta, have filed petitions.

All these petitions were heard before Justice V.Pariban. DMK Senior advocate NR Elango, Congress lawyer Suryaprakasam and other petitioners appeared on behalf of Selvaraj.

Senior advocate ARL Sundaresan, appearing for the State Election Commission, said, ‘The video is recorded throughout the vote count. All the necessary arrangements for the counting of votes have been taken according to the rules of the election. Therefore, petitioners need not fear. There is no place in the election rules for recording and broadcasting each ballot. ”

Additional Attorney General SR Rajagopal, appearing on behalf of the police, said that all security measures have been taken to ensure that the voter turnout is smooth.

Additional Advocate General Narmada Sampath, appearing on behalf of the collectors, district election officials, said, “The process of election throughout India is going to be followed by local elections. The petitioner’s demands are already in effect.

After recording these, the judge ordered the closing of all petitions. Moreover, the judge in his order said, “The measures taken by the Election Commission to conduct the ballot count fairly and fairly are satisfactory. It is hoped that the officers appointed for the election will follow the rules of the Election Commission.