The National Green Tribunal on January 16th, 2019 Volkswagen have to pay a sum of Rs. 100 cr as fine for using cheat device during the pollution test. The truth revealed after the test has been taken from some random car of the regular users. Its also mentioned that a major sum was pollution damage was contributed by Volkswagen.

Per the Tribunal judgment, Volkswagen has to pay the 100cr Rs before January 17th 5.00PM . The judgment also states that failure in payment would result in complete shutdown of Volkswagen showrooms all over India or would end with the arrest of CEO or the concerned person. Its to be noted that Volkswagen has not made the payment and action also not taken against Volkswagen so far.

Suresh Kumar

As Senior Medical Advisor in Access healthcare, Suresh straddles the neighbourly but often fender-bending worlds of reporting and editing. He will narrate any story as long as it is packed with irony and...

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