Viswasam the long awaited movie for Ajith Fans with Siva for the 4th consecutive time. Viswasam expected to be Village oriented subject. Though shooting completes in Madurai and Theni district of Tamilnadu. Climax was filmed in Ramoji Film city and team will fly to Mumbai to complete the film. All set to release for 2019. Viswasam team team planned to energies fans with second look poster here is the poster look for the best memes about the poster.

Decoding the second look poster Ajith riding Bullet bike by wearing helmet second look poster seems like Ajith might have participated in a local race. background of the picture shows celebration in the village. decoding the bike number TN 60 represents Periyakulam RTO which comes under Theni district. Shooting already completed in Theni and Madurai district. Viswasam second look poster confirms that movie will be released on Pongal 2019.

Massive Flex?#Viswasam2ndLookFromToday #ViswasamSecondLook #ViswasamThiruvizha

— Moses Snowin Viswasam (@Thalamoses) October 25, 2018

@Navika_Nandhu Her Bike ?

SeMMa Mass ? விசுவாசமான ரசிகை

விஸ்வாசம் திருவிழா ??#Viswasam2ndLookFromToday

— ?THALA ™ A.R.R? (@ThalaFbrHarisH) October 25, 2018

Temple City Ajith Fans??

Pure Mass ???#ViswasamSecondLook #ViswasamThiruvizha #Viswasam

— ?உஷாநந்தினி? (@usha_twits) October 25, 2018

#Viswasam & #ViswasamThiruvizha have already a Lakh mentions in the last 24 hours across all social channels

— Rohit Venkatraman (@RohitvNiranjan) October 25, 2018

Of course yes! Waiting!! ? #ViswasamThiruvizha

— ArunVijay (@arunvijayno1) October 24, 2018

#ViswasamThiruvizha Starts ;

Idhu Ungalukkagana #Viswasam ………………. ??

Now #Thala Ajith Fans Get Ready for the Celebration……………… ??

" #Viswasam2ndLookonTomorrow "

— Robo Shankar (@ActorRoboSankar) October 24, 2018

Second look ரெடியா இருக்கும்ல

?தல ரெண்டு லுக்கும் இருக்குமா?
?சிட்டி கெட்டப்ல வருவாரா இல்ல கிராமத்து ஆளா இருப்பாரா?
?தல அருவா மீசையோட தான் இருப்பாரா?
?HD Link @SathyaJyothi_
?நயன்தாரா லுக்ல இருக்குமா?

எப்டி இருந்தாலும் ரெக்கார்ட்ஸ் வைக்கிறோம் ???#ViswasamThiruvizha

— ♚Emperor THALA♚ (@I_m_Vedhalam) October 24, 2018

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