Best sleeping positions trending funny Twitter tweets

We all love a good sleep – don’t we?

Sleeping is a universal requirement for all beings and especially humans. We need quality sleep for almost one-third of our lives. Each one finds comfortable with one or more sleeping positions. There is no universally approved sleeping position for all people.

A viral photo on Twitter has netizens comparing their sleeping positions and what’s the best one.

Shared by Twitter user Allan Bell, the chart shows 18 different options. From sleeping straight on one’s back to curling up around a pillow, the Twitter thread has some hilarious reactions.

Allan tweeted the picture on Sunday with the caption “I’m a No. 9, which are you?”. It has garnered over 13,000 likes till now almost 6k people are talking about it.

Quickly the picture went viral and netizens gave some hilarious reactions.

While some were confused with the complex sleeping position shown in the chart, some shared their weird sleeping position. Take a look…

Some believe that sleeping position reveals one’s personality.

Courtesy : DNA

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