Indian liquor Tycoon and former Kingfisher Airline Boss Vijay Mallya plea against extradition to India was rejected in London. This 64-year-old man appealed to the High Court against his extradition to India on the last February 2020.

Indian government was looking for kingfisher vijay mallya for fraud and money laundering charges for the amount of ₹ 9000 crores.

On hearing is early today Lord justice Stephen Irwin and Justice Elizabeth Laing the two-member bench at royal Court of Justice in London dismissed the appeal in judgement and at down remotely to Vijay Mallya due to coronavirus lockdown.

Vijay Mallya Plea Rejection Judgement

We consider that while the scope of the prima facie case found by the senior district judge is in some respects wider than that Alleged by the respondent in India( Central Bureau of Investigation and enforcement Directorate). There is a prima facie case which in 7 important respects coincides with the allegations in India

Justice Stephen and Elizabeth ruled

This 46 pages of judgment emailed to Vijay Mallya due to coronavirus lockdown.

This Fugitive businessman who left India several years ago appealed the UK High Court in 2018 against the extraction ordered against him. Mallya received loan amount in 2009 from Indian banks and escaped to London. Back in 2018 December extradition order to send Vijay Mallya to India was issued by London Court. Judgement was issued for the plea filed by Mallya in 2018.

It is clear beyond any doubt that the SDJ directed herself properly. It is clear she had the criminal burden and standard in mind when she considers whether there is a prima facie case. The role of extradition court considering this question is to consider whether a tribunal of fact properly directed could reasonably and properly Convict on the basis of the evidence. The extradition Court is empathetically not required itself to be sure of guilty in order to send the case to the home secretary

Justice Stephen and Elizabeth judgement on Vijay Mallay’s Plea

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