Actor and India’s UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza has always been vocal about climate change. She has been urging people to not use plastic and how we have been harming ourselves and also planet Earth. Recently, Dia made an appearance Jaipur Literature Festival where she had a panel discussion on ‘climate emergency’. While talking about the change in climate and to save the planet, the actor got emotional and teary-eyed.

ANI tweeted the video in which the actor is seen saying, “Don’t hold back from being an empath. Don’t be afraid of shedding your tears. Feel it, feel the full extent of everything. It’s good. It gives us strength. It does. And this is not a performance.”

She further said, “At around 3 in the morning, this news alert came on my phone for a very big player, NBA player, who I followed for a while. His chopper crashing in California disturbed me. It really upset me. There are different things that upset us on different days, but we take care of ourselves. I was overwhelmed because my blood pressure was low.”

The media agency tweeted the video stating, “#WATCH Actor Dia Mirza breaks down while speaking at the ‘climate emergency’ session during Jaipur Literature Festival; she says, “Don’t hold back from being an empath”. (27.1.20)”

Earlier, when Dia was asked about climate change, she had told Hindustan Times, “It’s not just us, it’s the world. The way we have built our economy, the way we do business and the way have we built our industries! Human beings have made some seriously wrong choices.”

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