National Green Tribunal orders Sterlite factory remains to close in Tuticorin. It claims that Sterlite factory in Tuticorin causing high level pollution and cancer to public around the factory. But the reports are constantly varies every time. Since the reports are not constant the Verdict becomes a long run. Vedanta proceeds to SC for the protection of factory but SC on hearing Vaiko’s argument as a final argument finals the judgement by closing Sterlite factory and allow Vedanta to proceed in High Court if needed.

Vaiko, The General Secretary of MDMK was protesting against Sterlite factory in tuticorin for more than 2 decades. After SC Judgment Vedanta proceeds to Madras High Court. Vedanta requested High Court for reopening of Sterlite factory of maintenance purpose since there more machineries worth 100 cr are remains unused for long time.

Vaiko who’s been in part of General Election Campaign canceled his election campaign on 27th March and attended Sterlite Verdict. Vaiko appealed that his name also needs to be added to part of the Sterlite case since he’s been in the Sterlite case for a very long time. Vedanta Oppose the Vaiko’s Arguments and appealed that No 3rd party should be added to the case. No 3rd party arguments should not listen to case hearings.

Vaiko wanted case hearing to start after after General Election 2019. Judge Agreed to the argument and move case after April 23rd.

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