MDMK General Secretary Vaiko officially elected as the Tamilnadu Rajya Sabha MP after DMK members waves support to Vaiko. Vaiko along with two other DMK members elected as a Rajya Sabha member.

After confirming his victory Vaiko will officially sworn as MP tomorrow. Before oath ceremony Vaiko steps into Parliament to today and completed his general formalities. Before entering the Vaiko touches the feet of Anna Statue in Parliament. Vaiko shown respect to Kamarajar and Dhevar statue in Parliament.

Vaiko also met Subramania Swamy in Parliament who’s the extremist of Vaiko.

Many of the BJP leaders have been criticizing Vaiko. Subramanian Swamy, who tweeted the most vigorous Tweets about Vaiko’s entry into the Rajya Sabha. Subramanian Swamy had raised the issue by alleging that Vaiko had threatened him while he was a Rajya Sabha MP.

In this case, on my Twitter page today, I saw Vaiko in Parliament and ran and congratulated him. He also told the press about me.

Culture is essential in a democracy. Subramanian Swamy wrote that political law is sacred. As usual, Subramanian Swamy’s Twitter page has been flooding with comments and greetings.

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