“The New Sanskrit Language Act will destroy all other languages,” MDMK General Secretary Vaiko states in the Rajya Sabha. Vaiko addressed in Rajya Sabha yesterday (March 16) on a bill to establish 3 new Sanskrit Central Universities.

I strongly object to the Sanskrit language law. You have brought this law with the sole purpose of abolishing all the languages of India. These universities may offer charter certificates in examinations, quality and other ways; Degrees may be granted; Other certificates of education may be issued.

What are those other options? Is this all about the old Gurukulam school education method?

In April 2019, a resolution was passed at the RSS conference in Ujjain. The resolution is to spread Gurukulam education throughout India and in all educational institutions.

How much money is set aside for this? The members of this unbiased assembly will be shocked. That is, they have allocated 22 times more money to the development of the same language, Sanskrit, for the development of all the languages of India. Are there speakers in Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Odia, Punjabi and other languages in this House?

If this law is enacted and these universities are established, in the future, Sanskrit and India will destroy not only the South Indian languages ​​but also all the other languages ​​of India as a whole.

If a student gives me a certificate that I know how to write, speak and read Sanskrit; The student will be directly enrolled in class 10 or 12. They do not have to study any other subjects such as physics, chemistry, history or geography.

In order to develop the Sanskrit language, they started the National Sanskrit College at a cost of Rs 643.24 crore. But last year, our Classical Tamil Research Institute gave only 4 crores 65 lakhs. The total amount paid over the past three years was just 21 crores.

In 2015, the Minister of Human Resource Development announced the appointment of former Chief Election Commissioner N. Kobalaswamy, a 13-member delegation, to formulate plans to spread the Sanskrit language. The committee issued their inspection report on February 17, 2016. Its title is the visionary draft of the Sanskrit language.

I belong to the Dravidian movement. Your guru is the one who introduced the castes and created a division between the human and the inferior. Our preceptor is Thiruvalluvar. He gave to the world an unparalleled commonsense. He who said that birth is all life. Tamil is the oldest language of the world. That is the mother of all languages. The legislation, if adopted by this bill, would break the Indian unity; I caution that the ditch will bury people’s rule. So, as a whole, I am opposed.

All state governments must oppose the law and pass legislation.