Rajyasabha MP and General Secretary of MDMK Mr. Vaiko raised questions over the burial of Coronavirus victim body in Tamilnadu. The 70-year-old businessman admitted to Chennai Stanley Hospital on April 2nd, 2020. This Businessman recently visited Dubai and several other countries.

Since the man visited foreign countries he was in self Quarantine for few months on Thursday evening with family took him to Chennai Stanley hospital for treatment he died within 2 hours after he was admitted to Stanley Government Hospital. Blood samples were taken but reports were not deliver to family members of the patient. Body of the patient handed over to the Family on the same day. Family members took the body to Keelakarai, Ramanathapuram.

Since no report was given to family members it was taken as a casual death due to illness and family buried the body on Friday at 10:00 AM. around 300 peoples has participated in the funeral. It’s been reported that Ramanathapuram MLA Manikandan also visited the deceased and participated in the funeral.

Mr. Vaiko urged the state government to quarantine the people who are attended the funeral. The negligence in hospital reports would cause several lives in Ramanathapuram. He also questioned why the body of the COVID-19 patient handed over to the family before the test report arrives.

MLA Manikandan is also in self Quarantine now.

The patient came very late at the night and was hospitalized for only two hours that time doctors managed to do do everything they could. Samples were also taken and send for testing. He was in home Quarantine after returning from Dubai following necessary guidelines the body was handed over after packing

Health secretary Beela Rajesh about the incident

As per the World Health Organisation WHO Report, the burial of Karana virus affected patients process the maximum risk of a further outbreak of the disease but the cremation doesn’t hold any such risk. When the body is burnt in an electric machine with a temperature around 700 to 1000 °Celsius would cause any virus to die and there is no risk of spreading. WHO also quotes if a dead body of a Coronavirus victim is buried the spreading of virus aggregates. If the body is buried in the ground then care should be taken that there is no water source within 30 metres of the burial ground.

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