Indian Railways one of the largest public sector companies in the world with more than 17 lakh people. Over the past few years, the Indian Railways has been progressing in various measures, disrupting the sector and handing it over to private hands.

June 17, the Railway Board has requested that all 508 passengers operating in 17 railway zones across India be informed to take a quick decision, in two days. In the same way, commuter fares will be doubled if converted into a quick series. For Instance,

Fare of tickets from Tirunelveli to Madurai is 40 rupees. It will be updated to 100 rupees. Similarly, the charge for Madurai from the Red Fort will rise to over 100 rupees.

As Per the Financial Commissioner of Indian Railway Board guidance issued to General Manager on 19th June 2020 on “How to Control Railway Expenditure”. In the Fifth section it mentioned It has been proposed to stop the railway movement on non-income lines and thereby reduce costs. The railway considers the Chennai-Coimbatore and Chennai-Nagercoil routes as the only viable routes in Tamil Nadu.

Madurai – Rameswaram, Trichy – Rameswaram,
Madurai – Thiruchendur, Madurai – Karur – Erode
Trichy – Nagore, Trichy – Karur, Villupuram – Thanjavur,
Villupuram – Katpadi, Madurai – Senkottai,
Passenger trains run on Villupuram-Tindivanam, Chengalpattu-Arakkonam routes.

If the above mentioned rail routes are not really making any huge profits to railways departments they are likely to cancel the above passenger trains those routes. A huge mass of people from those rural towns are using train as the their best and cheap medium for travelling. Students of Schools and Colleges in lare number used to travel in train rather local buses and private which charges a huge amount for such long distance in the time. Trains in rural making the people to transport to thier destination in affordable prices.

Nowadays, in Tamil Nadu, for the middle and poor people, the only way to travel is to travel. Such actions are unnecessary and against the rule of the people, as the corona freezes, leaving people with no income.

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko

The railway industry has to abandon the activities that adversely affect people. Passenger rail traffic should be increased. In particular, the railway department should take action to run a series of passengers for one hour from Chennai to Kanyakumari and from Chennai to Coimbatore to Palakkad. This can greatly reduce the road traffic crisis and reduce accidents. Low cost, safe travel can be ensured he added.

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