The DMK in Delhi’s upper house on the issue of environmental pollution General Secretary Vaiko said: –

Water, air and the environment are polluting the world. In addition, sound pollution also affects humans. According to IIT, Afghanistan was responsible for the air pollution in the Delhi circuit and was coming through Pakistan. The company has issued a research report. The report should be tabled in Parliament.

Due to the pollution caused by the burning of the straw, it is not true that the city of Tellippe and the surrounding areas are visible as a smoke zone. It is not fair to blame the farmers.

India is among the 14 most polluted cities in the world. According to the World Epidemiological Survey, an infant dies every 3 seconds. If so, how many children will die in these 120 minutes where we are arguing over the issue?

Paddy harvest will take place in Tamil Nadu in two more months. We cut the rice paddy ground and make hay. For the most part, cows are fodder. MS Swaminathan reports that if manure is provided by the cows, the soil will increase and agriculture will flourish.

They also use straw for roofing houses. But, there is no burning. So do not blame the peasants who are working hard and trying to fall on the ground.

If you see Tamil Nadu from the sky, you will see a green pastel. They are not all useful plant vines. The Julie Pleura trees, also known as Velikkatan, are endangered to the environment. Unaware of the consequences, they were planted in Tamil Nadu in the fifties.

Velikatan trees take root to 100 feet deep. The biochar will absorb and release the curry. Therefore, the birds do not build a nest. Goats and cows are not approaching ammunition. Today, Tamil Nadu is the largest tree, the Velikattan tree, which is known as the cemetery.

I have organized a movement to get rid of these farmers. I sued the High Court. For some time the state was also concerned. The case is now pending.

The danger of pollution in Tamil Nadu is the central government’s plans. The Cauvery coast of Tamil Nadu is devastated by methane, hydrocarbon and rock-burning projects. The hazard of environmental pollution hangs over the head by the federal government’s hydrocarbon projects. The Karnatakaists are on the verge of not giving the saffron water.

In this debate today, they blamed each other for keeping the Delhi assembly elections in mind. Pollution density is a problem that affects all people. In view of this, the central state governments must take appropriate measures to rescue the people.