Since talks with Vadivelu have not been smooth, Lyca and Shankar planning to remove vadivelu and replace him with another hero for the movie 24 ahm Pulikesi.

Produced by Shankar and directed by Simbudevan, the film is on the 24th of this month. Lyca handed over the film to director Shankar. The first shooting began with the setting up of huge set near Chennai. Within days of the shooting, Vadivelu did not attend the shooting due to disagreements with the crew.

The film crew then filed a complaint with the Producers Association. Then Vadivelu has been issued with a red card. This made him unable to act in other films. Following this, the group began talks with Vadivelu. However, Vadivelu came out of the film for various reasons.

Nesmani Trending

Vadivelu’s character, Nesamani, began to trend on the Internet. At that moment, Vadivelu’s fame once again reached its peak. In an interview with Vadivelu at the moment, Shankar and Simbudevan severely reprimanded both.
This has caused many to face it. Various directors criticized Vadivelu for this speech. At this moment, director Seeman also began talks with Vadivelu. Attempts to resolve the bilateral issue have been fruitless.

After the Lyca tried to contact Vadivelu to act in the movie later on Vadivelu agree to start the movie but with higher pay. Lyca strictly refused to pay higher amount for Vadivelu. They made announcement on cancelling the agreement and also they will get the advance amount paid to Vadivelu in some other possible mode.

Meanwhile Shankar working on Indian 2 and also there was a rumour that Vijay and Vikram signed a double hero project for Lyca production under Shankar direction.