Actor Dhanush posted on his Twitter page that do not believe the rumors about Vada Chennai 2

In tweet about this, I do not know what caused confusion among my fans. Part Two of the NorthCenter is ready soon. At the same time, stay tuned for more information on my Twitter. Please, don’t believe the rumors that my picture is coming. Thank you.

As per the rumours in social media it’s been rumoured that Vada Chennai is not happening. The actual delay behind the shooting is several actors who played a key role in the movie are busy with some other projects.

DTNext last week, “Though Vada Chennai did well at the box office, the residents of north Chennai weren’t happy about the way their lifestyle has been portrayed on-screen. Vetrimaaran is now finding it tough to shoot for the remaining sequences in the same locality. Moreover, a couple of artistes who played pivotal roles in Vada Chennai got busy with other projects. That’s why the film has been shelved.”

The original film released in October 2018. It faced protests from north Chennai residents, mainly from the fishermen and women who said they were portrayed negatively in the film. A police complaint was also lodged against the use of abusive and offensive words.

Following this, Vetrimaaran issued an apology saying he or his team did not intend to offend anyone, and removed the controversial scenes. They said the next two sequels will be a more realistic portrayal of the people of north Chennai.