Success for Uriyadi lays the lane for Uriyadi 2. Uriyadi doesn’t have grand opening but the several media and press voluntarily helped this movie to promote in all aspects and made a Uriyadi. The Caste based social message elevated the movie standards. Uriyadi was highly praised in social media several sneak peaks were shared.

Uriyadi 2 was a political message movie with similar kind of tone. Hero Lenin Vijay a young boy along with his friends completes his studies and looking for job and finally finds a job in nearby factory. When life moves on smooth Lenin Vijay and his friends managed to find that the factory was running without any safety and they try to inform the officials they ignored. The Proprietor of the factory much interested in starting new factory so he’s not making any voice out of this old factory.

Government officials as well political parties not interest to show concern for this factory issue in the meantime factory makes a gas leakage and results a miserable damage to public. Lenin Vijay comes with political idea to bring out justice for the issue.

Movie symbolizes the lighter version of the Bhopal Gas issue which happened several decades before. Movie made strong social message.

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