H1B Visa allows US companies to employ specialized foreign workers from other Nation mainly from India and China. As of now nearly 500000 migrant workers are employed in United States under H1B visa Category.

United States is seriously working on the ban of some work-based visa most likely H1B. It’s the most popular among highly-skilled Indian professionals as well as students who did work authorization that accompanies them.

What is H1B Visa

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows United States companies to employ foreign skilled workers from different countries like India and China in speciality occupations that required theoretical for technical expertise skills.

So for 33 million Americans registered for employment in the last two months after the pandemic. This is the highest unemployment recorded in the United States. IMF and World Bank have rejected there would be a negative growth rate for the country in upcoming days. The negative growth rate would be 15 to 20% in the second quarter as per the White House officials.

The president’s immigration advisers are drawing up plans for a coming executive order, expected this month, that would ban the issuance of some new temporary, work-based visas,

The Wall Street Journal

After 33 million Americans registered for unemployment the unemployment rate raised to 14.7% of the United States population. The number of unemployed Americans is higher than the Americans lost their job during the Great Depression but in terms of percentage 1929, the Great Depression is still on top which holds 24 percentage of unemployment.

President Trump recently signed an executive order to ban the immigrants for 60 days including the family members of United States citizens to entering into the US.

Around 200000 Indians are working on an H1B visa right now in the United States. Their visa period without a job would end in June. Any h1b Visa holder can stay in the United States without a job for only 60 days. Trump recently signed an order to extend the grace period of h1b visa holders who are staying without job hand tourists who have visited recently during the pandemic to 60 more grace days.

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