The United States has handed over 4 Apache Guardian helicopters to India, which are used in combat.The deal was signed in 2015 for the purchase of Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopters from the United States as part of a move to modernize the Indian Air Force.

Apache Guardian helicopters are manufactured at Boeing’s factory in Arizona. Only one helicopter was officially handed over to the Indian Air Force on May 10. Air Marshal received the Apache Guardian helicopter from US government officials. The first phase was followed by the launch of 4 helicopters to India in July.

Accordingly, 4 Apache Guardian helicopters are coming from the US to India today. They were brought today by Antonov AN 224 aircraft and it has already been announced that they will be delivered to the Indian Air Force Base in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. These are transported to Pathankot Air Force Base after proper inspection. Already, the Indian Air Force team has been trained at the US Army base in Alabama to operate and use Apache helicopters.

Known as the world’s most sophisticated fighter helicopter, the Apache Guardian can carry two helicopters. Maximum weight of 10 thousand 433 kg.

Capable of going at 293 kmph. It includes technology that accurately targets targets. The helicopters will include air-to-ground missiles, 30 mm machine guns that can fire up to 1,000 rounds at a time, and Hellfire rockets that can destroy tanks.The helicopter also has the technology to help you see at night. The helicopter can also take photos of the battlefield.