UN security council to discuss Jammu & Kashmir issue

The UN Security Council is scheduled to consult on the issue in Kashmir today.The Central Government has announced the repeal of Article 370 of the Constitution which gives special rights to Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, Kashmir has been divided into two territories. Jammu and Kashmir with with legislative assembly and Ladakh without Legislative Assembly

The problem is getting bigger now. It is becoming a global problem due to pressure from important countries. Pakistan has decided to appeal to the UN on the drastic changes in the Jammu and Kashmir issue. Pakistan also announced that it would appeal to the UN Security Council. Pakistan has put up the plan as there are some countries against India in the UN Security Council.

Pakistan has also written to the UN Security Council. Following Pakistan, China is currently appealing to the UN Security Council. Accordingly, China has asked the UN Security Council to investigate the Kashmir issue separately.

This request is currently being accepted by the UN Security Council. The main reason for this is that China is the most important permanent member of the UN Security Council. The United Nations Security Council currently has China, France, Russia, the British and the United States.

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