UAE turns against India’s discrimination against Muslims over a period of time after Dr Al Shoreka responds. Princess Hend Al Qassimi also requests peace.

A controversial tweet made by BJP MP of Bengaluru Tejasvi Surya in 2015 made the situation worse. A screenshot of the tweet made by Tejasvi Surya was shared on Twitter. Which made UAE voice out against the discrimination of Muslims in India. Hours later Tejasvi deleted the tweet made by him in 2015. The tweet says 95% of the Arab women never felt orgasm in their life.

Dr. Al Shoreka lawyer from Kuwait and also director of Human Rights share the screenshot of Tejasvi Surya in his Twitter account and wrote Indian politician Tejasvi Surya has racially slurred Arab woman I want the how is this account still active is it not against Twitter officials please act as Arab has been badly wounded.

He Sharad several videos of Muslims being lynched in India and condemn the act. Muslims genocide in India must be documented and information about it needed to be disseminated to spot the spotlight of RSS and the state policies he quoted.

Dr Al Shoreka directly charged RSS as a terrorist group. And there are several human rights violations are happened against Muslims in India which is not acceptable.

He even invited several NGOs to stand with UAE at the human rights council to protect Muslims in India as they are subjected to genocide.

Recently Muslims in India where targeted as the main reason for coronavirus spread all over the India because of the jamati meeting happened in New Delhi.

A response from the PMO office raised after the tweet made by Dr Al Shoreka COVID-19 does not see race religion color caste, creed, language or borders before striking. Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood. We are in this together PM Narendra Modi.

Tejasvi Surya so far didn’t apologize for his tweet made by him. Several Twitter hashtags started trending against the discrimination of Muslims in India.

Babita Phogat Indian Wrestler recently made a tweet jamati are bigger problem then coronavirus.

Princess Hend Al Qassimi blast Indian over is Islamic tweet.I’ve decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. With age, we realize how hate hurts only those that feel it. We need to shed our old grudges, & accept that differences will always exist. We’re not God to judge & decide who gets to live, succeed or simply be.

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