India in chaos after a suicide bomber attacked CRPF truck which carried 40 mens. Bomber used a 340Kg of explosives to make the attack. Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist claims the attack. Pakistan made an official statement that they are not responsible/involved in the attack. Prime Minister Modi addressing the Indian people announced that full freedom of decision were given to Indian Army.

Servral Social media users who made an supportive tweets about the attacks were dismissed from their respective college/offices. Several users made an list of question about the attack.

  • Why Intelligence report was neglected
  • How could it possible for a person to get 340Kg of explosives in tight security area.
  • Suicide Bomber claimed that he joined a year back in Jaish he dont have much time to bring explosives in Small amount.

Several other users wants to make an war against Pakistan. India removed Pakistan from Most favorable Nation list which almost makes India ready for war against Pakistan

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