Twinkle Khanna is finding it hard to cope with her daughter Nitara’s antics while they are under home quarantine to avoid coronavirus

Twinkle Khanna shared a video where her daughter Nitara is trying hard to remove her shoe from the lighting duct. Twinkle, on the other hand, posted that she has ‘given up’ on parenting ‘her little piglet’ during the home quarantine.

Twinkle captured the video of sitting across the window of their house, where their pets were playing. Nitara could be seen trying to remove her shoe from the lighting duct with the help of a big stick.

“Don’t know how other mothers are coping but I have given up! Mine ’accidentally’ tossed her slipper into the lighting duct. You don’t need to worry about a wolf wanting to huff and puff and blow your house down when you have a little piglet of your own doing her bit,” wrote Twinkle alongside the video.

Take a look:

Just a few days back, Twinkle captured an unforgettable moment between Nitara and Akshay Kumar. The father-daughter were chilling in their home garden. Twinkle had posted that they went chattering away while she was trying to complete her book. More so, she took a dig that her next location might just be writing the book in the bathroom.

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