Prime Minister Narendra Modi release a short video calling the people of nation to turn off the lights in residence for 9 minutes on April 5th 9:00 p.m. which falls on Sunday. Also wanted to use torch lights and lamps, mobile torch lights, and landers has a alternative for 9 minutes.

India is currently under lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak all over the world. Lockdown and social distancing is followed by all Nations all over the world in order to control Coronavirus Pandemic. WHO mentioned that India’s lockdown best and compare the all other Nations. Earlier Prime Minister Modi also wanted people people of India to clap from their houses to encourage the efforts of doctors nurses and others who were hardly working to fight against Coronavirus.

This incident happened over the nation but Prime Minister Narendra Modi was and happy with the result happened in North India. Several people and group celebrated the class event and contractor damage to several places without following the social distancing. Now Narendra Modi calls for how to turn off lights for 9 minutes exactly on April 5th Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

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