TEPCO ( Tokyo electric power co of Japan) assessed Japan’s government report stating the nation main again faces the danger of Tsunami. This would make a major impact at Fukushima nuclear Station. Fukushima nuclear station was previously affected by the 2011 earthquake followed by a Tsunami.

The expert panel assumes that Tsunami waves from the earthquake would be high as 13.7. Which is higher than the 11-meter high sea wall built on the ocean. The anti Tsunami wall built to control the Waves that could hit the plant. Around 1000 times of radioactive waste water or stored near the compound. Operators say the projected Tsunami won’t reach the higher ground where they are located.

In 2011 Japan faced back of magnitude 9.0 subsequently Tsunami which devastated stated the northern Eastern part of Japan. More than 15000 people were dead during the trench. Japan’s government panel said Tsunami has 30 could hit Hokkaido in Northern Japan and Iwate in the northeast give earthquake of magnitude 9 occurs along the sea trenches of the countries Pacific coast.

The latest projected estimate of Tsunami waves would be 20mtr high at Hokkaido. 27.9 at Erimo.

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