President Donald Trump visited Michigan Ford manufacturing plant on Thursday which is currently making ventilators and face masks for coronavirus pandemic. Trump declined to wear a face mask in public during the factory visit.

He was actually wearing a face mask in the back area of the factory during the visit but he removed the mask immediately after facing the press Cameras. He mentioned that he didn’t want to pose with a face mask. Michigan Attorney General President to comply with the help guidelines hand to wear mask ok but the president in sister it was unnecessary here because he is regularly tested with coronavirus.

But still, some photographers managed to click pictures of Donald Trump wearing a black face mask.

Encouraged President Trump to wear a mask when he arrived. He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs from over the years. The President later removed the mask for the remainder of the visit as per Ford statement

Usually Trump will not wear a face mask during the daily press briefing. Trump announced he would order flags on all federal buildings to fly at half-staff for the next three days to honor those who have died from the coronavirus.

And now we’re going to turn it back on like never before,A permanent lockdown is not a strategy for a healthy state or a healthy country, Our country wasn’t meant to be shut down.

Trump in Ford Factory

Appearing maskless with a group of African American business and community leaders, Trump said his pandemic response had made governors “look good,” but claimed that some Democratic governors now think it is good politics to keep their states on lockdown.

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