BJP has successfully passed the controversial Muthalak Bill even in the Rajya Sabha. In the Rajya Sabha, the BJP does not have a majority to pass the bills. The BJP, however, managed to pass the bills with the help alliance parties and their walkouts.

The BJP is carrying out amendments to the bills with majority in the Lok Sabha. The opposition parties were only able to present their ideas and the BJP’s was unstoppable in Lok Sabha. Triple Talaaq bill is a minority issue. Since it is a secular vote banking affair, many parties have opposed the BJP even in alliance.

AIADMK backed the Muthalak Bill in Lok Sabha. But opposed the same bill in the Rajya Sabha. But we also announced that we would walk away says ADMK. The BJP’s alliance, the United Janata Dal, also opposes the bill.When the coalition parties are opposed to the Rajya Sabha’s absence, the BJP’s tactic is to make the bill impossible and the coalition parties should register their opposition in the House.

Let’s walk away from the bill during the referendum. The BJP’s account is that when such a situation comes up, the bill will easily passed. It is with this strategy that the Triple Talaaq bill passed in the Rajya Sabha by 99 votes