Amit Shah made a appointment announcement for Telangana, Tamilnadu state BJP state President Dr. Tamilisai Soundarrajan appointed as Governor of Telangana.

The presence of the BJP in Tamilnadu was the ubiquitous. The BJP is the face of a particular community that has changed the face of the Tamils.

Coming from the Congress family, she has been a staunch advocate of Hindutva policy. Tamilisai strongly supporting BJP tamilnadu for the past decade ever since BJP had a small footprint in Tamilnadu.

BJP trying hard to step in Tamilnadu in order to boost BJP politics in It took a strong decision to encourage its Tamilnadu.

The President India Ramnath Govind has ordered the appointment of governors to four states including Telangana. In a statement released today on behalf of the central government.

Tamilnadu BJP leader, Tamilnadu Soundararajan has been appointed Governor of Telangana. Sadasivam, the Governor of the State of Kerala has been replaced and Arif Mohammed Khan has been appointed.

Similarly, Kalraj Mishra was appointed Governor of Rajasthan. It has been mentioned that Bandaru Dattatreya has been appointed as the State Governor of Himachal Pradesh.

He is the daughter of Kumari Ananthan, the senior leader of the Congress party. He has held various responsibilities in the BJP and has been the BJP leader since 2014. At this juncture, President Ramnath Govind has appointed Telangana Governor. She became the first woman Governor of Telangana.

Speaking about the responsibility of the Telangana governor, Tamil Nadu thanked Prime Minister Modi for his hard work and recognition.