Recently TikTok Mobile Application rating is down to 1.2 stars on Google Play Store after getting hit by the supporters of YouTuber CarryMinati and the controversy surrounding a video from the platform’s popular creator Faizal Siddiqui. Other 1-star comments also called out TikTok as a Chinese app, and blamed China for COVID-19. The average TikTok rating on Apple App Store is down to 3.5 stars from 4.5 stars earlier.

TikTok’s rating on the app stores is likely to slide even further over the coming days as hashtags like #IndiansAgainstTikTok are currently trending. Apple App Store that initially seemed unaffected by 1-star reviews as there are a significantly lower number of iPhone users in the country than Android, is finally showing some impact. After days of 1-star ratings, the average rating on iOS went down to 3.5 stars.

With 24 Million downloads in Play TikTok had more than 4.5 star ratings in Play store. After Controversy in India about Hindu and Muslims Several 3+ Million users downloaded the App and rated the App with Lowest ever value to downgrade the App. TikTok almost reached a 1.2 Star rating in the play store.

But Surprisingly TikTok now manged to comeback slowly with 1.6 Star rating during the controversy. Everyday Twitter trends about #TikTok and several users shares abusive, Controversial videos which are uploaded in TikTok.

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