Naam Tamizhar party Chief coordinator Seeman claims that Government bans Tik Tok app to stop his growth in politics he also mentioned that youths are re-creating my punch lines and creating awareness among themselves which makes the government fears on Naam Tamizhar. Seeman punch lines was the highest number of recreated tik tok lines in recent times.

He also mentioned government wants to stops his growth since his party his rapidly growing among the youths of Tamilnadu. He also mentions that according to center India as lots of issues among them Seeman was main. They are trying to crush down him in all aspects.

He even mentioned a lot of people will commit suicide after the election results.

Madras High court banned Tiktok for the content violation and Adulting. Tik tok banned recently and removed from play store and app store as well though there are many options to download Tik tok. Ban on Tik tok app was revoked recently