The forest department hunting tigress Avni with a team of 100 people, Hunter dogs, and Drones. The Six-year-old tigress is a mother of 2 cubs. This is a recent hunt in recent times. More than 50,000 petitions were signed to save Avni.

She was shot down by a marksman, Nawab Asghar Ali Khan. Her carcass has been shifted to Nagpur’s Gorewada Rescue Centre for an autopsy but her cubs were missing.As per the Supreme Court directives, the forest department and officials were required to first tranquilise and trap her, but in Saturday’s operations, she allegedly attacked the stalking team which shot her.Tigress Avni was labelled as a man-eater and had been the focus of a massive hunt for the past few months.The forest department issued a shoot-to-kill order for her this year. The shoot-to-kill order was reportedly only to be used as a last resort. It was challenged in courts all the way to the Supreme Court.

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi On Sunday severely criticized the Maharashtra government for permitting a hunter to kill “man – eating” tigress Avni calling its a Ghastly Murder

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