Humanity is one trait that makes a human soul even more beautiful. While qualities like love, compassion, forgiveness are necessities, serving mankind with humanity makes your life worthy. 

Being human does not mean that an individual possesses humanity. Being blessed with humanity is an individual choice.

If you want to understand the quality of humanity in individual take note of what this man did with a stolen bicycle he bought for £80. 

 23-year-old Ste Burke bought the stolen bike so that he could return it to the rightful owner. Yes, you read it right! 

His goodness and kind gesture have made him social media star and people couldn’t stop themselves from showering love for him. 

“Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it. Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. Bought it so I can get it to back to the right owner. I know it’s a £1350 bike and I’d be heartbroken if it was me”, Bruke tweeted along with an image of the bicycle. 

The post has got almost 56,000 likes and has garnered some amazing reactions from netizens. People from all over the world praise Burke for his selfless act. 

In the Twitter thread, Bruke informed that he found the owner and has returned the bike to him after he showed proper paperwork. The owner has saved up and spent £1250 on the bike last year as tweeted by Burke. 

Courtesy : DNA

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