In Tamil Nadu, it has been decided to hold elections to rural localities in two phases. Accordingly, the first elections were held on the 27th.

Out of the 91 thousand 975 positions, 45 thousand 336 have been cast for the first phase.

Four thousand 700 Grama Panchayat leaders, 37 thousand 830 Panchayat ward members, 2 thousand 646 panchayat union wards members and 260 district panchayat members have completed the first phase of the election.

The second phase of elections will be held tomorrow. The ballot is due tomorrow to select 46 thousand 639 positions. Elections are held in 158 panchayat unions. Elections will be held for 38 thousand 916 panchayat wards, 4 thousand 924 panchayat leaders, 2 thousand 544 panchayat union members, and 255 district panchayat members.

The publicity of the campaign ended at 5 pm yesterday.

Voting for the 2nd phase begins tomorrow at 7 am. Voters can vote at 5pm.

At 5 o’clock the token will be given to those who will be allowed to drive away.

Officials are preparing for phase 2 elections in 27 districts, excluding Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Vellore, Tiruppattur, Ranipettai, Villupuram, Kallakurichi, Paddy and Tenkasi.

Over 61,000 policemen have been deployed for the security of tomorrow’s election. 1,551 polls were found to be tense.

Webcams are fitted with these ballots. Officials have also arranged to directly monitor the driving record at these polling booths.

In the first round of voting, the boxes were placed in 315 centers with strong security. Ballot boxes reported for the 2nd phase of the election will be taken to these centers tomorrow night.