The first one-day curfew was in place on March 22 to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India. Following the effective observance of the curfew, a nationwide curfew was issued for 21 days from 25 April to 14 April. Lockdown was extended for another 19 days, until May 3, as the coronavirus pandemic was not controlled.

The third phase of the curfew, effective until May 17, did not even control the Globalvirus. 4 more days of the next four-stage curfew. However, Coronavirus is not controlled all over the nation. The health ministry said in a statement that the number of people affected by coronation in the country rose to 1,51,767 and the death toll reached 4,337. The number of bomb victims is reported to be 64,426.

In the past 24 hours, 6,387 new infections have been reported, and In the last 24 hours alone, 6,387 cases have been confirmed. 170 people have died.

Thus stated in the statement.

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