The motion to dismiss US President Donald Trump was passed in the House of Representatives.

The Republican regime is headed by President Donald Trump in the United States. The Democratic Party is the opposition party. US presidential elections next year

In this, Joe Biden, a former vice-chancellor, and Democrat, is reportedly a major contender for President Trump.

Biden’s son is accused of trading with a gas company in Ukraine. Trump has asked the president of the country to investigate.

The Democratic Party has accused Trump of endangering US constitutional law, national security, and credibility for the presidential election.
This was followed by a House of Representative’s decision in both Houses of Parliament, the first of which was filed in the House of Representatives.
The House of Representatives has 236 members for the Democratic Party and 197 for Trump’s Republican Party. Thus, there was an environment where the resolution of condemnation was easily met.

In the face of this, the House of Representatives has passed a resolution calling for the ouster of US President Trump on charges of abuse of power.
However, when Trump spoke of the state of affairs, he said that the attempt to topple the state was an attack on the United States.

President Trump can be sacked only if the resolution is passed in the Senate. But in the 100-seat Senate, Trump’s Republican Party has a majority of 53 members, and the resolution is defeated and is likely to save Trump’s presidency.