Nikhila Vimal ” Real hero lover

Did you fall in love If you ask me, I will answer no. But when one thinks of the first love, one remembers. Years ago, a woman close to me called me and said, ‘A boy asks for your phone number. said. As all women usually say, I said, ‘Don’t give up.’

After a long hiatus, the girl said to me, ‘That boy is the one on top of you ..’ I was not an actress at the time. I have participated in numerous art workshops in schools and have received gifts. I participate in a lot of dance competitions. The person who met me once said that he had seen me in dance classes and met me once on the train. I don’t remember any of those incidents.

I don’t want to know anything about him. I told the woman that I didn’t even want to know her name. He is also one of the people I meet and talk to at public events that I sometimes attend. He also comes forward to speak on some trips. Whatever the mind, it is good to be far away.

‘Getting married .. Want to get married?’ Comes with questions. I will reply in two lines: ‘Not married. This is my trademark answer. I would advise you not to close your eyes to the love and educational advice that comes through social websites. My real hero will come someday. Love him that day.

Madonna Sebastian ” Ambassador’s Love

There is no need for us to love to know love. Even if you support women in love. My first love story was to help my friend’s love.

My close friend fell in love while she was in high school. She was studying in a different class. They have both met and talked. There is also attraction among them. But now there is no such thing as cellphone and social media.

 So the two were unable to communicate. Listening to his plight is entertaining for me and my friends.

That year came Valentine’s Day. This day is a very important day for those who are in love. So we decided to give them a chance to meet and talk on Valentine’s Day.

In the morning they both arrived at the place we had arranged for them. It was the schoolroom. It has five gates. We all stood at the threshold of the gate so that no students or students could enter through it. Our plan is to send someone back if they come.

‘It’s been a while. Students will come. And all that ye shall speak within, speak. ‘ Do you know what they were talking about?

What did you eat in the morning? What was the last time you saw the cinema the time talking. They have not talked about love or anything beyond that. Of course. Suddenly the boyfriend ran towards us. ‘I’ve talked to her about everything. He didn’t know what to talk about anymore. Tell us what to ask next .. ‘

I shook my head and looked at him miserably. Even now, when Valentine’s Day comes, I remember thinking of that old love couple.