The fight against citizenship law is continuing with violence. A car caught fire in Delhi. Six people killed in Uttar Pradesh overnight

The nationwide struggle against the Citizenship Amendment Act passed by New Delhi and Central Government lasted yesterday. The riots in the northeast spread to Delhi. The protests in Delhi, Selambur and Jabrabad became violent.

As a result, 144 bans were issued in the north-eastern Delhi region. The restrictions are in place in both parliament and central government offices.

Chandrasekhar Azad, was to march from the Delhi Jumma Masjid to Jantar Mantar yesterday. The police banned the rally. A large number of police were mobilized as they announced that the march would be held despite the ban. Thousands gathered to march to the Jantar Mantar after the noon prayer at the mosque since it was Friday.
The police arrested Azad. However, the protesters chanted towards Jantar Mantar. Azad then escaped from the clutches of the police and entered the rally. During the rally there was an occasional clash between police and protesters.

The police blocked the protesters in Daryaganj. Azad was then arrested again. The protesters started arguing with the police. It turned out to be melee. Stones were thrown at the cops. This resulted in police being beaten. Water was poured on the protesters. But they did not mix.

A car in the area was burnt down. Some vehicles were hit. A section of the protesters chanted in India Gate and Delhi Gate. Some of the Jantar Mantri also had a struggle. Some of the Hindu organizations also came out in support of the Citizenship Act. This caused a stir.

As the protests took place in several places in Delhi at the same time, the police could not control them. The metropolis of Delhi continues to be tense.

In Delhi, 12 police stations have been banned from gathering more than 4 people. Police and paramilitary forces paraded the streets of the city, including Selampur.

Due to the protest, traffic on several Delhi roads was hampered. Cellular internet facilities were cut off in many parts of Delhi. 17 Metro Rail Stations were closed.

Some were arrested, including Sharmistha Mukherjee, the leader of the Congress women’s group and daughter of former President Pranab Mukherjee, who tried to protest in front of Home Minister Amit Shah.

Violence erupted during a protest in Uttar Pradesh’s Beorzabad city. There, a mob set fire to several vehicles. Stones were thrown at the cops. A mob at the Nalbandh suburban police station set fire to the chairs and tables. Some police vehicles were also burned.

In many areas, including Meerut and Muzaffarnagar, the police beat up the dissidents. A wall collapsed on protesters in Jaunpur. 2 of them were injured. The protesters threw stones at the police, including in Lucknow, Ferozabad, Gorakhpur, Badohi and Ash. There were beards and tear gas to disperse them.

Six people were killed in these protests. Two people died in Bijnor and one each in Meerut, Gray, Pyrozabad and Kanpur. The autopsy will reveal how they died, police said.

There have also been reports of gunfire in some areas. But police said tear gas was fired and rubber bombs were fired. As many as 50 policemen in the state were injured as protesters threw stones at them.

Struggles and violence took place in Karnataka state in Mangalore yesterday. Some vehicles were set on fire. There was also an outcry against the police. Outsourcing to Mangalore is prohibited. About 50 people were arrested by rail from Kerala. Internet access is also banned.

There was peace in West Bengal yesterday. However, in some areas internet access was banned.