Parliamentary elections were held in Britain on the 12th. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised the election of Brexit that Britain will not leave the European Union until 2020. As he actively led the campaign, the general election results favored the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party. The Conservative Party won a landslide victory with a separate majority. Since then, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been intent on legalizing the promise made to people over Brexit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the House of Commons, filed the Brexit bill on Britain’s exit from the European Union with some amendments. The bill was debated and then voted on.

Of these, 358 supported the Brexit bill and 234 against it. Subsequently, the bill was reported to have passed by a margin of 124 votes. 
Subsequently, the bill will be sent to the Upper House for approval in January. Britain will formally leave the EU on January 31, once the upper house is debated and ratified. 
However, it is expected that it will take two more years to officially exit as some of the financial matters will be dealt with on various aspects including trade.

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