Narendra Modi spoke at the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh. As he mentioned Rahul Gandhi and said, Your father is an honest man and people used to call him Mr.Clean. But only when he is alive, he has become the ‘number one in scandal’. To spoil my reputation among the people of India, Rahul Gandhi blames me in the Rafael deal scam. Those who want to ruin my influence and want me to be inferior, are supposed to be a weak and weak state in the country. “

Modi also mentions that I was not born in a golden plate and born in a comfortable family.

In order to make reply to Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi made a tweet and `The game is over. Karma is waiting for you. Spreading your thoughts on my father, never going to be safe for you. My love and comfort. ” In the 1980s, during the Congress, the Bofors Cannon Scandal case, Rajiv was charged with corruption. However, the court said there was no evidence that Rajiv was bribed in this case.

Former Actress and Member of Parliament who is currently handling Social Media & Digital Communications for the Congress party also made a tweet that made a series of tweet ” Rajiv Gandhi ji was respected and loved by everyone & I wish that upon you too Modi ji. Maybe you can learn something from him- kindness. I remember as a 8-year-old traveling in a bus with my mother when the news of Rajiv ji’s death came, people were overcome with emotion, they burst out crying and I remember them crying, men and women, young & old with their heads shaking in disbelief saying, he was a good man, he was a good man, shouldn’t have happened. I was so overwhelmed, I cried too. This memory is etched on my mind. I cried the whole way & my mother grief-stricken herself tried to console me, I don’t think she did well herself. We didn’t eat that day. When I grew up & shared these memories with others I realized it just didn’t happen to me- every other Indian had a similar story to share”.

She also mentioned that ”
And so when I heard Modi’s comments on Rajiv ji, at first I was taken aback, couldn’t believe anyone would say something like that, even if it means it’s elections, but Modi had. And Modi is full of new lows. I thought I should remind Modi ji, Rajiv ji was adored, respected & loved. He was a good man. You can’t take that away from him. But you can learn from him”.

After the statement by Modi Social media erupted by supporting Rajiv Gandhi.