BJP MP Tejasvi Surya landed in controversy once again and deleted his tweet after controversy Rises. This 30 year old man made at derogatory tweet in 2015 about Arab women’s. Is comments about Arab womens circulated in social media become controversial statement.

Tejasvi Surya tweet about Arab women

In 2015 Tejasvi Surya made the following tweet 95% of Arab women never had an orgasm in the last 200 years every mother as produced kids as an act of sex and not love @TarekFatah”

Several social media users from the Middle East condemns and last out BJP MP for his tweet. During the coronavirus cases, Muslims of large number was targeted as a reason for spreading coronavirus in India due to Talibgi jammati. Several BJP supporters directly attacked Muslims are the reasons for coronavirus spread.

The old tweet made by Tejasvi made the situation worse. It made India’s relationship with UAE India pathetic Path. UAE social media users started writing to the UN about the crisis and discrimination of Muslims in India after this tweet.

Dr Al Shoreka a lawyer from Kuwait and also the director of International human rights shared this screenshot in his Twitter account and wrote dear Twitter Indian politician Tejasvi Surya has racially slurred Arab women I want the how is this account still active. Is it not against twitter official policy please act as Arab sentiments have been badly wounded.

This screenshot is widely shared all over the world and the requested Prime Minister to action on the Minister Tejasvi Surya.

After the situation Rises Surya deleted his Tweet from the microblogging website Twitter.

On quoting Tejasvi’s deleted tweet about Arab women’s rights to PMO of INDIA and also to Prime Minister Narendra Modi India’s relationship with Arab world. He also questions Modi that do you allowed your parliamentarian men to publicly humiliate Arab women. We expect your urgent action against Tejasvi for his.

Further India is a large and ancient Nation and have people coexisted peacefully between them regardless of religions and ethnicity for several centuries and these racist crimes against Indian Muslims will tarnish the image of India.

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