Tanker flights engaged on Amazon forest fire zone

A tanker plane has been unloaded from the US to extinguish a blaze in the Amazon forests of Bolivia, one of the South American countries.

Amazon has been burning about the past few weeks in various parts of the forest, described as the lungs of the world, as it emits 20 percent of the world’s oxygen. Most of the Amazon forests spread over 8 countries are in Brazil and Bolivia.

Bolivia’s Chancellor Evo Morales announced last week that he had hired a Boeing 747 aircraft from Global Super Tanker to extinguish the blaze.

Accordingly, a group of 14 people led by the company’s president, Dan Reesi, arrived in Bolivia and set fire to the fire. The Super Tanker aircraft is capable of dumping approximately 71 thousand liters of water at one time.

The Bolivian Chancellor has congratulated all those involved in the fire, saying that their helicopters, along with the Super Tanker, are on fire.


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