Vellore : Sneha women from Vellore district, Tamilnadu get offical certificate from government that No Caste and No Religion certificate. When there are Caste and Religion communal clashes are happening in several parts of India. Sneha went in another dimension to stop these clashes. Her step towards to stop will save 1000’s of life.

Though adding community names along with First Name in Tamilnadu cannot been in seen in much names when compared to other state. Its all happened in social revolution happened in Tamilnadu by Dravidian parties in 70’s by E Ramaswamy also known as Periyar. Major Dravidian parties rouse from the Ideologies of Periyar worked hard to bring all his thoughts in to official ledgers. But NO caste No Religion was not in the bucket list.

Sneha from Vellore with one step ahead gets official Government from that she doesn’t belongs to any Caste and Religion.

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